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קולומביה קסטיג'יו נטורל אורגני וסחר הוגן - יין אדום, ג'ינג'ר . מתאים לפילטר , ארופרס

Colombia Natural Castillo


Organic and Fair Trade coffee

This Colombian coffee received the high score of 87.5 (!) from the Specialty Coffee Association. Castillo is a subspecies of the Arabica variety and is known for its resistance to diseases that attack coffee trees, such as Leaf Rust Disease. One of the characteristics of Castillo, alongside the natural processing method, is a lingering pleasant fruity acidity.

Altitude: 1,864 meters above sea level

Variety: Arabica – Castillo

Flavors: Fruit trees, red wine, ginger, malt, bold acidity, full and creamy body.

Our Recommendation: All types of Pour-over, AeroPress

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