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פרו לה אורורה CEMCAVIR אורגני - פרחוני חומציות רעננה. מקינטה מתאים לפילטר. קפה שחור

Peru La Aurora CEMCAVIR


CEMCAVIR (Cooperativa Ecológica de Mujeres Cafetaleras Villa Rica):

The Ecological Cooperative of Women Coffee Growers Villa Rica is an alliance of women farmers from the Villa Rica region in Peru. Their organization works with the goal to produce high-quality coffee in harmony with nature and to improve the quality of life of their families. In the cooperative, they produce what they live: closeness to nature, high quality, ecological diversity, fair conditions. This ecological cooperative is the first women’s cooperative in the region, currently 28 women who grow the coffee. The coffee production goes hand in hand with social and environmental responsibility. Ecological fertilization and the abandonment of pesticides are a matter of course for these women and the result is organic and high-quality coffee.

Altitude: 1,650 meters above sea level and higher

Variety: Arabica – Geisha, Bourbon, Caturra

Processing Method: Washed

Flavors: Fresh acidity with medium sweetness and floral notes

Body: Juicy and velvety

Our Recommendation: Moka Pot, Turkish Coffee, V60 Pour-over

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