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ניקרגואה פקמארה - שוקולד אוכמניות, דוחס. מקינטה

Nicaragua Pacamara


This coffee is entirely the story of a wonderful Nicaraguan family.

We usually tell the farmers’ stories from our perspective. This time we’ll let the farmers tell you why they have the best coffee you’ll taste anytime soon. In the words of the Mierisch family:

“We plant and irrigate, and are excited by what follows.

It starts with an optimally ripe cherry, and then it's about care and diligence during the processing methods that took us many years of trial and error, as well as finding the right varieties.

It continues by never being completely satisfied, acknowledging that we do not know everything, never settling for the status quo, and making personal and financial improvements to help us get to the next level. Every harvest we know we can improve something, and we always try.

Sometimes the focus is on one cherry, one tree, one day, and one bag at a time. Even the smallest of details is of unparalleled importance. This focus allows us to achieve the real gems of the harvest.

We know it is hard work, and we love it.

This is what motivates us in the Mierisch family and we hope you benefit from our efforts.”

Altitude: 850 – 1,100 meters above sea level

Variety: Arabica – Red Pacamara

Processing Method: Natural / Dry

Flavors: Dark chocolate, red apple, brown sugar, blueberries

Body: Medium – Full

Our Recommendation: French Press, Moka Pot

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