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אתיופיה ירגשפה -  לימון הדרים. מתאים לפילטר, קפה שחור.

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


Ethiopia is the center of origin of Arabica coffee.

The Arabica plant has been growing wildly in the forests of south-western Ethiopia for thousands of years, and Yirgacheffe – in the south of the country – is undoubtedly its most famous breeding areas.

This wonderful coffee is extremely aromatic, infused with citrus and floral extracts, has a light and elegant body, pleasant acidity and hints of tea.

Altitude: 1,700 – 2,200 meters above sea level

Variety: Arabica

Processing Method: Washed

Flavors: Intense flavors of fruit, lemon, flowers, and hints of tea

Body: Full

Our Recommendation: Pour-over & Turkish coffee

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