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סומטרה שזוף - ארז קינמון . מתאים לפילטר. דוחס

Dark Sumatra


The coffee is grown on the Indonesian islands, in volcanic soil. The beans are harvested and collected from small family-owned farms, with each farmer cultivating coffee, citrus fruit and spices on the few acres they own.

This coffee’s sweetness is unique to Indonesian coffee; its flavor is affected by orange and mandarin trees that give it a refreshing taste.

Dark roast coffee.

Altitude: 1,200 – 1,600 meters above sea level

Variety: Arabica – Catimor, Bourbon

Processing Method: Giling-Basah / Wet Hulling; a processing method unique to Indonesia

Body: Full, with a syrupy texture

Flavors: Chocolate, Cedar, and Cinnamon

Recommended Brewing Method: Pour-over, French Press

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