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מלאווי Pamwamba - אוכמניות, אגוז מוסקט. מקינטה מתאים לפילטר

Malawi Pamwamba

₪21.00 Regular Price
₪17.85Sale Price

Malawi is an extremely small and special country in south-east Africa, with a rich history of production and export of coffee since 1891.

Due to the subtropical climate (hot, wet summers in the high altitudes and cool and pleasant winters) and the high mountain ranges across the county, there are optimal conditions for growing coffee beans.

Pamwamba Farm, the largest in Malawi, produces approximately 20,000 sacks per year, which makes this type of coffee almost rare.

Altitude: 900 – 1,100 meters above sea level

Variety: Arabica – Geisha, Catimor, Bourbon

Processing Method: Washed

Flavors: Blueberries, nutmeg, notes of white wine

Body: Medium

Our Recommendation: Moka Pot and all types of Pour-over

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